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Chambres de la grande porte

rue des Petites Ecuries 10, 75010 Paris FR

Our Bed & Breakfast is in downtown Paris. Our district is alive and near to many of the tourist attractions, crossroads of trends and multiple destination, in the thick of it all. We welcome you in our apartment. We will listen to your wishes and we will give you some tips to make the most of your visit and for the best City trip experience. Our two doubles rooms are Café, Crème rooms and our single room is Chocolat room. The Café room have an ensuite bathroom. Rooms Crème and Chocolat share a bathroom, WC is separated from the bathroom.


Room Café with breakfast

2 ενήλικες

Room Café without breakfast

2 ενήλικες

Room Crème with breakfast

2 ενήλικες

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In the thick of it all